Volunteering with Form the Future

I had the privilege of being invited by Form the Future to take part in mock interviews with students at Long Road 6th Form College. It’s 25 years since I attended there as a student myself, so it was also a little trip down memory lane.

Camera Confidence with Angèle Cristina

Angèle Cristina is an online life and business coach with an effervescent personality. It was a pleasure to hear her speak about achieving camera confidence.

Design comes last – 10 steps to building a website

10 steps to building a website. Slides and recorded voiceover notes of Karen Arnott’s talk 'Design comes last' at the Freelance Heroes Day 2019.

How to brief a photographer for a design project

It’s rare that a design project doesn’t involve some photography. We’re huge advocates of using your brand’s unique images in design projects. Commissioning your own photographs is an investment worth making.